Thursday, January 27, 2011

          Having grown up in the rural community where he and Cailene now reside, Cornelio understands the dire need for education. His joy and personal satisfaction comes from doing what he loves–helping people and serving those in need. Not only do they work to establish economic stability in their area by teaching English, but also to instill a sense of community and faith in those who previously had none.  They want to leave a legacy of working together and teach others to reach out to those in need. At CGC Costa Rica, Cornelio and Cailene promote a lifestyle of hope, personal goal setting, and a personal relationship with Jesus. Because of the volumes of rain and small homes where they live, the only place to gather with friends is at the bar. Through CGC Costa Rica, Cornelio and Cailene hope to make a change and offer their community a new way to come together. Many missionary teams come to Costa Rica, but this young couple does not expect others to make good things happen for their community. They want to actively participate and share in the hard work.
C G C stands for: Cornelio, God, Cailene