Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Cailene teaches at the university one evening a week. It is a great opportunity for her to be around a different group of young adults. Teaching at a university level is a good professional stretch.  This quarter one of Cailene’s classes is US History.  She thanks God for the open doors this class is already making and the chance to boldly share her faith and the faith of our founding fathers.
Rainy season is starting in our small mountain area. Everyone has to get their clothes out on their roof or clothes line very early before afternoon rains come. 
WE usually give our old clothes and food to the church and let them give it out. Every now and then we hear of a need and prayerfully act on it. This is Maria. She use to go to our church. She hauls her own water and lives very humbly. We heard things were a bit rough for her so we took her some food. She  was so thankful and kept praising God. 

 Cornelio has started a soccer team in town for all the people who don’t normally get to be on a team because of their bad habits including drugs and alcohol. His goal with this team is to not only give them a second chance, but also to teach them that they are valuable people and it is better to be out on the soccer field than in a bar. The team is motivated and last Sunday they just had their first game with their new uniform. Showing a personal interest in others has been a great opportunity to find out needs and encourage perseverance.

Jesus ministered by approaching people with mercy and compassion. He did not judge   he loved. It was that love that drew people and initiated a response.

At 211 degrees water is just hot. Turn up one degree and you then have steam. Steam can move an entire locomotive. What in your life do you need to turn up 1 degree? What action plan can you set into motion?
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