Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 2016

The end of May we were invited to be judges for the Public night school  English spelling bee. It was a big event with certificates for all who participated. There was a rice and beans dinner for everyone afterwards. It was a honor to be asked to help and confirmation that we are embraced by this community.

There is a family in our community who's dad just died of brain cancer. It was a long process and very hard on the family. The mother has 2 college age kids and two in grade school. The oldest girl is on  a full scholarship at the university so she continues with that. The oldest son quit the university to get a job and support the family. In this culture few think past each day. Taking up an offering gets little response. Asking for helping in putting together a food basket gets no response. But lottery is a big deal. They will take a chance on getting something. All school and church projects offer lottery  for everything. It is how they to things and  many participate.

We had a pair of soccer shoes we bought in the states and secretly donated them to a lottery to help the family.  It will run for 2 weeks and the money will be presented to the family on Fathers Day.  It's the little everyday things that make the biggest impact. Joyfully sharing the love of Jesus with out words or taking credit gives God all the glory and increases faith and hope.

In our school we try to use music whenever we can. Music takes us places. In our minds and in our hearts, music touches us in ways that no other medium can. That’s just one of the reasons that it is such a powerful teaching tool. It  makes teaching fun for both the teacher and the student.  We are really enjoying teaching and praising God for all the hearts and minds that are open to learn.

Cornelio and Mekhi just enjoy hanging out together. Cornelio remains active biking and doing sports. Spending time as a family is so important to us as we build a foundation for the future. 

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