Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all our friends and family
        who have adopted us as their 
               "missionary Kids"

      We send our love from our hearts to your home.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Surprise! It's May!

 Here´s a fun fact: In the states there are June bugs, in Costa Rica there are May bugs. This is one of the few times where the American bug is bigger than the Costa Rican bug.

There have been some fantastic surprises the past few weeks. One week, the church bought a new guitar and bass for the worship team! This was a great addition to add a balanced sound to the music. Often times the vocals would be drowned out by the drums and piano. We have amazing singers, so we want a sound system that will show them off! That´s why, the next week, we were excited to find new speakers! To have a new functional system is amazing. However, the best part is feeling the church´s support behind us as a worship team.

A clear sound for worship is nice, however it´s only a small aspect. Worship is a matter of the heart and a lifestyle as well. Last Sunday, the church had a guest speaker who hosted a worship workshop. He gave a refreshing perspective about leading the congregation. It was wonderful to see people from the church attend, not just the worship team.

There seems to be a new addition to our routine. After walking the dog to the field, we have ended in a soccer game with a group of kids. A great surprise was seeing one of the boys the next week as a new student in Selah school! Eros (Our dog) has become quite a celebrity among the children. They literally run from all corners of the school yelling his name in glee as we come walking by the school. 

After observing how well behaved Eros (our dog) is, the neighbors asked for help in training their new puppy. The fun challenge is that their new puppy is a 5 month old, waist high, goofy Great Dane. We spent a lot of time teaching this dopey dog how to sit and to follow his owner. A big part of training the dog, is training the owner. Cailene taught Juan different tricks and exercises that he can practice at home. Juan did a great job positively reinforcing his dog. Training the dog also gives a chance to learn some English vocabulary. The English words are shorter and easier to command. For example, instead of ¨Sientense!¨ we use, ¨Sit!¨ What a difference! 

Throughout life, there´s always surprises. I feel that this month has been a good example of that. Spontaneous soccer games start, plans are canceled, new students sign up, and car brakes go out, anything can happen in a day. However, there are constants as well. There is a beautiful sunset every night, refreshing people to enjoy conversation with, and a God that will provide for every need. Praise God for surprises! Praise God for constants! May is a good month.