Thursday, April 9, 2015

10th Anniversery coming to Costa Rica!

 Rebeca is a dedicated mother who wants to have her daughter take English class, but didn’t have the money. She was thrilled when we offered an exchange. She helps clean the school and her six year old daughter gets to come to class. All of us are happy for the trade! God continues to use the school to reach out.

Mom's brakes needed replacing so Cornelio was able to do that. We are really a good team helping each other where ever we can.

Ten years ago on March 25th Mom and I took our first missions trip to Costa Rica. We fell in love with the people, community and the culture. We praise God for the opportunity to live, serve, teach and encourage others in Costa Rica. 

Where is Mom? She is under the towels making a fort with the kids and eating  snacks out of the sun and pretending it is raining outside. A great way to learn Spanish is by just playing with the kids. 
Mekhi is 5 months old and weighs 20 pounds. He is such a delight. Many have come to visit him and we use that as a time to ask how they are doing and how we can pray for them. We try to use every day events to share God's  love and encourage others.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy EASTER!!!

We are alive in Him. Happy Easter!

     Every country celebrates in a different way. We live in a community that is mostly Catholic and they have so many traditions and rituals. Many of my friends are Catholic and we talk about growing a personal relationship with him. It is not the things we do or the rituals we perform that draw us close to Jesus. It is how we let him into hour heart to lead and guide us.

     When we are asked how Christians celebrate Easter it is a good opportunity to skip the what we like to eat and the way things might be in the states and focus on the Jesus and it is through his death and resurrection that we are forgiven and free today. He is alive and lives with in each person who excepts him as Lord and Savior. His love, mercy and grace is available to us daily. This is a great spring board for deep conversation as we let God open hearts to hear the good news.