Thursday, December 24, 2015

December 2015



Cornelio finished his 5th year degree at the University. He graduated with honors. He will continue teaching English at the university a few evenings next semester.  College students are seeking to find who they are and challenge everything they have been taught and see what it is they want to believe for themselves. So many questions and few to take time to listen.  Cornelio is good at asking questions that require a deeper meaningful answer. He is bold about his faith and encourages developing a relationship with Jesus and not getting hung up on “religion”     Jesus > religion





Cailene asked her girls group this month if they wanted to invite more girls to join them so the group would be bigger or if they wanted to concentrate on personal growth and challenging each other weekly with goals and being accountable to each other. Unanimously they wanted to keep the group as it is because they have built a trust and it was a new closeness they have not had before. These girls come from different economical and religious backgrounds but all go to the same school. Setting goals and helping each other achieve their goals is one of this year’s focus.






Bonnie has been in the states and had an opportunity to help with an ESL program (English as a Second Language) developed by an instructor at Moody Bible College. This program introduces a vocabulary needed to understand some of the foundational Bible stories.  It is a hands on interactive course with lots of involvement and activities. After the vocabulary is developed the Bible stories are introduced. The instructor gave Bonnie the Teachers manual, all his person lesson plans and the student book. He also gave her laminated teaching props. This book is out of print but he called the author at Moody and got his permission for the student book to be printed and used in Costa Rica. They are excited to add this material to what they are already using. Sharing the love of Jesus and being open to share their strong faith and hope in Jesus is an important part of the school.



As the New Year approaches we are excited to share with you two new members of the executive board for our ministry.  These two faithful servants of God have agreed to share their wisdom and expertise to keep our ministry lifted in prayer and updated.  Please welcome Russ and Debbie Waddel.




Russell Waddel – Technical Director for Blog and Communications

Russell is involved in drama ministry outreach at his local church.  He has been involved in several short-term domestic mission trips, but felt his calling elsewhere within the ministry.  Russell felt the need to start writing for God, and in 2012 started writing short books and movie reviews on Facebook.  He has been writing a book on Christian ministry and several novels recently as well as working for Farmers Insurance.  He has known Bonnie since 2014.





Debbie Waddel – Cross Culture Advisor & Outreach Promoter

Debbie has been on several short term mission trips to several areas in Mexico.  She also felt a calling in her life to be a fulltime missionary.  In 2008, Debbie moved to Mexico for an unknown amount of time to serve in Baja Mexico.  She became very involved with the community and local church as well as the migrant work camps.  She organized work projects and VBS and helped with film ministries and bible studies with the adults in the work camps.  Debbie has had to work with government officials and local political figures during her time in Mexico and understands that all cultures are different and have different needs.  Debbie has known Bonnie and Cailene since 2006.



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