Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 2015

September 2015

 Praise God that the back hoe work for the school has started!

 We have an architect who is in the process of drawing up plans for the school. After years of prayer, preparation and planning we are launching our building project. The land and permit papers are paid for. We remain debt free, to God be the glory! We plan to  build the school step by step as funds come in. We have a team from the United States excited to come and help build as soon as the funding is available.
We are thanking God for His faithful protection and provision. 

Remote and Rural....What does that mean?
We are often asked about where we live. We are 3 hours from the beach in the rural central part of Costa Rica. There are no gas stations, major grocery stores or even a post office. There is one meat store,  one fruit stand and three general stores. The general stores will sale an individual Band-Aid or cough drop at a time.  Many homes have small stands in their house for buying basic things like rice, beans , sugar, cooking oil, chips and candy. It is a 45 minute drive to the nearest gas station and large super market. Most people walk, ride the bus or get a taxi to get from place to place. Gasoline is about $6 a gallon so even if you have a car public transportation is often used.

Our challenge to you is to turn up the heat!

At 211 degrees water is just hot. Turn up it up one degree and it explodes into steam. Steam can move an entire locmotive!! That same power is ours if we choose to turn it up in our life one degree. Ask God what in your life you can turn up one degree and be that energy and encouragement in someone's life.
What action plan can you put in motion for the kingdom of God?
Cailene, Cornelo, Bonnie and Mekhi

Thank you for your prayers and support