Thursday, March 9, 2017

March Collage 2017

We took a day trip hike up the creek.          This spider was in our living room.  

We are teaching the emotions: happy, sad, angry, mad, Our students drew a face on a balloon make a face showing each emotion. It was a fun hands on activity and great way to practice review the emotions.

 Cornelio built a chicken coop and Mekhi enjoys feeding them. 

Cailene started a music group. It is made up of friends from different churches. The purpose is to get together and practice worship songs. The group enjoyed getting together so much they decided to make this a monthly event. They look  forward to learning new worship songs and helping each other be accountable to practice music and to be praying for each other.

Cornelio was the translator in some classes for martial arts. 

''If you would like to contribute to our school here's how. 

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