Tuesday, March 20, 2012

 My mom came down to visit us. We did a lot of catching up, seeing new things, going to a birthday party, a baby shower and visiting friends. It has been 3 years since she has been here in Costa Rica. One of the things we did was to go to a cooking class in San Jose to learn how to bake typical breads for special occasions.

 We learned how to make 6 different kinds of breads. I am trying to continue my knowledge of cooking and baking things here in Costa Rica.  I also sell bread to friends and neighbors to make a little extra income.

 It has been fun to have my mom here and help us get several projects done. She loves to use her creativity to make learning fun. Her fresh approach to learning has energized and encouraged us.  It's been wonderful to gather new ideas for our growing school. 


We are renting the bottom of the internet cafe for our school. This new location is in the middle of town which makes it easy for our students to get to. The internet cafe is a hub of the town because that is also where you pay your cell phone, internet, insurance, water and electricity.

The internet building has a porch where many gather. This creates a relaxed environment. We have had the opportunity to talk to many people coming and lingering there. We have had various conversations about Jesus and how real he is. It is not about religion it is about the relationship.

This month’s praises!
* We have had our car for 8 months and no car problems!!
* Donations that came in extra this month covered the cost of Cornelio’s much needed glasses!!
* Our school was donated a lap top computer and printer. What a surprise and blessing!!

Prayer requests:
* That we will continue to get more students.
* That our church worship team will grow.
* To receive donations for dental work Cornelio needs on his teeth.