Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cori's Update: A Season of Change

Change is good. I like change. I thrive on it, actually. But not all change makes me happy. First change: the weather. Second change: new living arrangements. Third change: Logan headed back to the states.

The weather changed in the last week and a half or so. It cooled off. Logan was thrilled. It started with an afternoon when the clouds rolled in with a teeny-weenie rain shower. We're talking spit from the sky. Each day, it rained a little more. As I sit here typing, rain is pounding on the roof and pouring out the gutters. And there are some SWEET cracks of thunder too. :-) Summer (as they call it here) is ending, and the rainy season is on its way. Luckily, the porch is entirely roofed and guttered, the house has been re-roofed, and some recent issues with the septic tank were resolved just as the clouds blew in. Believe it or not, Cailene and Cornelio's house and property is starting to look normal again. Heck, the space on the side of the house that has been a dumping ground since we got here and construction started is once again bare dirt waiting for the grass seed to be laid! The dogs are sure happy about that!!!

This is the river running down our driveway from the rain. Just a small flood every afternoon.
New living arrangements. This one goes hand in hand with Logan leaving. The short story is that I'm living on Cailene and Cornelio's porch. We put up a cozy twin bed and nightstand, my clothes are in the same tub they've been in since I got here, and I get to sleep in the open air and wake with the sun. Not too shabby, if you ask me. The sucky part is that I'm without my better half. Logan's talked about going fishing again this year for several months, and he finally got around to doing it. He got tired of being hot and spending money (hard to buy property when you've spent all your money…), so he packed his bags and headed home last night. He is scheduled to arrive in Wenatchee at 1150pm tonight (Thursday), after a solid 24 hours of traveling. Then he'll spend a few days in Stehekin getting his fishing clothes and gear together, and should be headed to Dutch Harbor sometime around the 13th or so. Once he makes it to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, he'll be on the boat for at least a month, possibly 6-8 weeks. He's committed to two trips (each takes about 2 weeks), but may stay for a 3rd if he's feeling good.

This is from last year, but you get the idea.
With Logan leaving, I had to decide if I was going to stay here in our house alone (not a good choices due to high rates of burglary), pack my bag and do some traveling in Central America, or head back to the states two months early. After a very rough day of thinking about it, I decided to stick around. I'm not ready to be back in the good ol' U-S-of-A and surrounded by English again. And I'm not sure I'd like traveling alone, much less for 2 months. But I didn't want to live alone. My imagination is way too active for that. Thus, we arrive at the porch solution. As soon as the apartment is finished, Bonnie will move down there, and I'll move into her room. But that's a slow process (albeit coming along) and may or may not be finished by May 6th. But it doesn't matter. The porch is sufficient for me, and I'm thankful to Cailene and Cornelio for their hospitality and friendship.
Best part about living on the porch? The amazing view. God sure paints the sky with pretty colors.
That's where we're at. A period of change. Now I just have to get through the next 8 1/2 weeks until I can see my husband again. It's gonna fly by.