Saturday, June 10, 2017

Friday Forgiveness day!June 2017

Friday forgiveness day 
   While teaching a 10 year-old class and Cailene was randomly asked if it hurt to get her ear pierced. She said yes it did and Miguel, only half listening said , " Teacher, did you say you have a tattoo?"  Cailene said, "no, I said my piercing hurt" Meguel with relief in his voice commented, " I thought you said the tattoo hurt and my religion teacher told us that all who get a tattoo are going to hell and I didn't want you to go to hell."   Cailene told the class that God is a God of love and forgiveness and there is nothing that we say or do that God won't forgive if you ask for forgiveness.  Another student said pitched in and agreed that God  is a God of love and forgiveness. The first student agreed and gave the example that if we offend someone God still forgives us. The class grasped the concept of Gods limitless love! 
    As quickly as the subject came up it was over an English class continued.   We praise God for these seeds we get to plan for the questions that come up in the guidance we are able to give our students.   After all life is a classroom and those who remain teachable are always learning.

 Our school was inspected by the Costa Rica government approval committee. They left us with a list of things we need to do to get the school up to their codes and handicap accessible. When we complete this list they will come and re-inspect us. This added layer of certification and accountability is a wonderful new opportunity for our small rural school to reach out to the community. We appreciate your prayers as Cornelio plows through the volumes of paperwork to complete this process. 

 Cailene is now 4 months  along in her pregnancy and they are eagerly awaiting new baby mid November!
Mekhi's  New favorite thing is to ride his small bicycle that doesn't have pedals he just uses his feet to walk on the ground  and can go pretty fast.