Friday, February 10, 2017

February 2017

Valentine’s Day is just a day that
give each of us a time to express love and appreciation to the people God has put into our lives.

We try to give our students a craft to make a card for their parents and others who have encouraged them. We think gratefulness is a taught thing and must be practiced and students show ways to express gratitude. In this busy world of texting and immediate gratification taking time to personally make an effort to give a personal card with words of love and appreciation is becoming a lost art. This goes for all ages and parents not only appreciate this but are taking it a step farther and in a few cases doing it themselves.

Cornelio encourages others also and it is through his exercises and teaching self discipline and being a strong male role model that opens hearts and minds to receive what Jesus wants us to be using all our skills and all our talents and bettering ourselves so we can be more productive and helpful to our family and friends. It is not about just our self, it is about growing the ones around us that gives us true happiness and a feeling of purpose and self worth. This must be taught because our human selfish nature wants us to stay self absorbed. We are grateful for this new out let to reach a mostly unchurched group. Lots of conversations and many questions from these young men in training.

Lets take extra time this month and purpose to thank several people and share our heart felt gratitude. We want to tell them how thankful we are for how God used them to encourage and love us when we needed it most.