Sunday, December 7, 2014

Merry Christmas

Christmas blessings to you from Costa Rica.  We are finishing our 5th year of our school. We have had the privilege to teaching English to many students of all ages. We promote education not only in the classroom but encourage all we meet to challenge them to learn more about as many things as possible.  We encourage them to embrace the philosophy that life is a classroom and we must be aware of the many new things there are to learn and to get off their phones and experience life through real people.  It is a fun challenge and we see a growing interest to care a bit more and try a little harder.

Warner, a retired teacher, turned 79 years old on Saturday. He goes to the market every Saturday and stays from 9-12 and talks to everyone who comes to market. Mom and her friend Lidieth decided to surprise him with a birthday cake. They brought the cake to market where Warner hangs out and they had everyone sing happy birthday to him then shared the cake with everyone at market. It was a wonderful time of celebrating and honoring this man who has given so much time to others. With tears in his eyes he thanked everyone. It will be a memory he will treasure the rest of his life.

Cornelio is going to present his thesis this Friday. It has been a long process to complete this degree. He is now a certified principal which gives our school a better rating.

We look forward to visiting family and friends over the Christmas holidays as we will be in the states for a month. Let's all remember the reason for the season and look for ways to keep Jesus the center of our conversations and keep praises flowing for all the many blessings we have.