Thursday, July 31, 2014

Making learning fun!

      Last week I was praying for a chance to make a difference and see a change in someones life. The next day a student dropped out of our school. When I called his mom she sadly told me that her husband was one of the many teachers who hadn't had work for 2 months because throughout Costa Rica the government hadn't paid public educators. This family, like many others, had to take out a loan to pay the bills. I told her that Fernando, her son, could still keep coming to class and that she didn't have to worry about paying us because her son's education was more important than money. She started to cry, thanked me and sent her son to class.

     This is the reason we have the school, to give people who wouldn't normally have the chance to expand their education the opportunity to do so. That evening Cornelio and I felt just as blessed as our 10 year old student Fernando. Two days later we had a 16 year old girl whose parents are deaf and money is tight. She was thrilled when we told her to come to class for free and  to do her part by taking advantage of learning English.She is very appreciative and motivated to learn. God answers prayer in many ways and both Cornelio and I were happy to be part of His bigger picture.

       English game night was a great success this month. Over 30 people showed up and we had new people come and check out our school and participate in the nights activities. Children, teens and adults were all laughing and enjoying the evening together as we spoke only in English.