Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Cailene, Cornelo, Bonnie and Mekhi

Thank you for your prayers and support

April 2016

Mekhi can now walk! He and Cornelio enjoy going many places together. 

Cornelio is designing and welding a new wood stove for his mom to cook with. It is nice to have the tools to be able to help others out. Cornelio really enjoys the process and discipline of creating new things from scratch. 

For Easter Cailene made “Resurrection Rolls.” The hollow rolls represent an empty tomb and that Jesus is ALIVE!!! Easter is a fantastic time to share family traditions and enjoy friendship. Jesus is the reason why we take time to celebrate Easter. He brings joy to this day and throughout the year! 

Our family tradition that we 

started this year was to all

 make an Easter Resolution 

to improve our personal 

relationship with Jesus. We 

mainly focused on improving 

how we act, think and 

respond to others. We also 

made a decision to  daily live 

with an attitude of 


After the resolution we all took time to really determine what that meant for us personally. Sometimes we need to refocus and realize that our wonderful gift of salvation is just that, a gift. It isn't for us to hold in our hearts and stay there, rather we need to share it with others. We can't be selfish in the blessing of being free in Christ. We need to make a purposeful effort to share what we know so others can experience Jesus personally too!