Wednesday, January 7, 2015

God's Protection

     We started the year off with a change in plans and a new awareness. It was sad that we couldn’t visit the family this year for Christmas due to extra paper work needed for Mekhi to travel. But although it was hard, we believe that God has a plan and He works EVERYTHING out for the good. Jesus is the reason for the season and just in the past month we have seen how He takes care of us in so many ways.

     The day after Christmas some friends and us were driving home and a drunk driver came too close to us and scraped the side of our car. It was scary, but after I saw Mekhi safe in his car seat I thanked God for his protection. This happened at night and the driver could have hit us straight on, but instead he swerved and only got the side of our car. God truly takes care of us.
 This week it has been nice to just relax, play with our dogs, go to rivers and enjoy family and friends here. Things don’t always go as planned, but we are learning that we need to take advantage of the turn in events and see what God can do through it all as we let Him lead!

     Many people have physical New Year resolutions which are great, but this year I was encouraged to start a mental resolution as well. Thinking positively means living positively!
Happy New Year!