Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Febuary 2016

     While in the states Bonnie went to see the movie War Room it is all about prayer and going to God in prayer to fight all our battles. The move ends with the actress "Miss Clara" telling God to send her someone new to mentor.  Bonnie took this to heart as she went home that night, and asked God to send her someone. She was staying at her mom’s house, and not really knowing anyone new to reach out to but she bagged up some snacks and prayed about sending some people to see the War room movie and was going to go to church to see if anyone might want to go see the movie. The next day there was a knock on the door. A lady Bonnie had never seen before came to get a recite from the swimming lessons her granddaughter took that summer. Bonnie gathered the information the lady needed then looked at her tears and asked if she was ok. The tears welled up and then she cried in Bonnies arms. Bonnie asked if she could pray for her. The lady's name is Christine. They prayed. Here is Christine’s explanation of the day they met. That day both ladies had prayers answered. To God be the glory we are all part of the bigger plan.Christine NicholsI had been trying to deal with a painful situation for some time regarding my precious 8-year-old granddaughter.  I had put her through the Marlin swimming class that Bonnie's family owns. I went to their home to get a receipt to show the courts one of the many things I've done with and for my grandchild. In my mind I was preoccupied with many things when I went there.  Bonnie opened the door and after speaking to her for a short time I broke down in tears. She offered to pray for my grandchild. I didn't even have the strength to stand up. Bonnie invited me in and began talking to me and helping me calm down. We sat and talked on her mom’s couch for a long time.  I asked her for a Bible, and she gave me one.I will never forget her kindness that day. She told me she had prayed for the Lord to bring her someone to help and there I was, needing help. She had several bags of yummy snacks already put together for people to take with them to see the movie The War Room. She gave me a bag of snacks, and I went that evening to see the movie. I really enjoyed it. I consider Bonnie a very important friend. She's a blessing in my life. She's given me wonderful books to read about our Lord and she showed me a church to go to that I really love. She's my inspiration along with the Lord. I'm thankful for that day and I want Bonnie in my life forever.

Cornelio started teaching at the University this semester.  He is loving working with the students.  He is also coaching Soccer and Martial Arts.  Stacie Mande captured this quote from Cornelio:"I am a coach because of the team and the passion I have for the sport itself. There is no other feeling quite like helping young athletes further develop their natural persistence, determination, discipline, resilience, work ethic, heart, and leadership skills. To connect with and respect for others not only in completion but in life."

Cailene's lady soccer team ranges in age from 16-39. They have different backgrounds and levels of maturity. Teaching respect and sportsmanship is important, and using words of encouragement is something that they are working on.  This is a new concept to some.  Cornelio is also coaching this team. They have a game each week for the next 3 months.

     Cornelio has a new group of students at the university.  He enjoys the challenge of college students and their many questions.  He challenges the students to do more than just take the class, but to actively participate with enthusiasm. Several people in this English class want to be teachers so they discuss how to motivate others in the classroom and in life.  How can each person help others to be better in life?  To be the teacher that changes lives is why he loves this job.  He wants others to consider their passion and let that drive them to be the best they can be.

Baby Mekhi got his first haircut as well this month!  Cailene and Bonnie sit on the sidelines while Cornelio coaches the men's team. So for the next 3 months he has two teams he coaches. Both teams needed a coach to participate in this league.  They have to register with their Costa Rican number (like our social security number) and each player has to show their card each week to play.  It is a very organized and well managed league.  Mekhi just likes playing with Grandma and whoever else wants to come over and play.  Being active in the community gives us so many opportunities so be available and have conversations of hope and encouragement.

Please don't forget to donate!  Also, next month will be the start of the school fundraising campaign, so keep your eyes open for that!  We are so excited to finally get to build the school!  See you next month!