Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Reaching out to four different towns

     This past month has been filled with many community activities.  In Costa Rica Mother’s Day is celebrated in July.  Cornelio and I were invited to play music for the local elementary school Mother’s Day dinner.  He played the guitar and I played the saxophone. It was a great opportunity to get to know more people from our town; Palmichal.

     In September Cornelio was invited to help with a fund raiser run. The fund raiser was to gather money for this town’s community hall and to improve their cemetery. It was held in Grifo Bajo; a small town of about 200 people. There were about 35 runners and Cornelio accompanied them on his bicycle in case they needed medical help or assistance. The terrain was difficult and Cornelio had to carry his bicycle on his shoulder to get past some of the rough spots. It was nice to be asked to participate. It was a good experience to volunteer in another town. The community was so appreciative!!  That’s being the hands and feet of Jesus to come along side and assist where needed.
                                                     Cornelio is the one on the left.

     September 15 is Independence Day for Costa Rica. Cornelio was invited to be one of the announcers for the Tabarcia Independence Day community gathering. He and some of his acting friends did the announcing and introductions. It was done with humor and small skits. I managed our sound system and music while Cornelio and his friends entertained the crowd. There were over 1,000 people who attended. We felt honored to be asked to be part of this big event.

     Soccer is the main sport here, so Cornelio started coaching a girl’s soccer team. I am part of the team. He works on improving our skills as well as developing unity. This gives us the opportunity to work with girls in the neighboring towns to further our outreach. Cornelio is a good coach and encourager. We are now in a competition that finishes in November!! Cornelio has been teaching good sportsmanship and how to glorify God in everything, win or lose. All of the girls participate in the prayer before the game, have agreed to have no foul language or gestures and most of them don’t go to church!!! The attitudes and sportsmanship is amazingly different than when we started. God is so good and is honored on the soccer field!!