Friday, March 11, 2011

Everyday Opportunities

My neighbor asked if I would have time to do her hair using my curling iron.  Hardly anyone  in my neighborhood have curling irons or hair dryers. She is 15 years old. She and I talked and shared for 2 hours while I fixed her hair. I asked her deep questions about her faith and what were her personal goals in life. Cornelio's English student canceled so he came home early. 
She got all nervous and said she had better go so Cornelio didn’t get mad that someone was in his house. I told her to relax and we would finish and Cornelio wouldn't mind.  When Cornelio came in he just did the normal things he usually does then asked if we were hungry. She looked at me and said, “Is he talking to me too?” I said yes and she just watched as Cornelio made dinner for all of us. This young girl shared that she had never seen a relationship like ours and how we were so relaxed with each other and took care of each other. She said she now had a different view of men and that her standards for herself and future mate were at a different place. We had no idea that she was watching and observing our every move and that it was a testimony of our love for each other.  Praise God for the everyday opportunities and growing new relationships. Sometimes we wonder if we are really making a difference in others lives and we are. It’s these kinds of opportunities that let God’s light shine as we glorify Him in our testimony.