Friday, September 9, 2016

September 2016

September 15 is independence day in Costa Rica and we feel blessed to be in a free country! A popular tradition is to make homemade lanterns and have an evening parade on the 14th. There are also typical dances and bands that are in the parade on the 15th. We enjoy going and seeing our students and families participate in these activities. 

Corn season is twice a year and it is a tradition to get together with the family and all make "Chorriadas" which is like a sweet corn pancake. Bonnie was invited to join in on the action and be part of this family as they made the traditional dish. 

Bonnie is also bringing new interactive ways to learn English at our school. The students are greatly enjoying the different activities and are continuing to learn in a fun way. 

Last month we celebrated mother's day and Cornelio brought me these flowers. I feel loved by my husband and son. 

Cornelio always cleans the entrance and the mud buildup. He works hard to keep it safe for others who use it daily. He continues to bless the neighbors with his labor intensive work and as rainy season comes, this entrance is now safe to walk and drive on. 

I talked to my girls gruop about the freedom of forgiveness. I explained that after one truly forgives, the burden is taken away and one can feel real peace that Jesus gives once we forgive. The girls took on my challenge to ask for forgiveness or to forgive something that week and came back with outstanding results of how they felt the peace from forgiving! One of the girls said that it took her  the whole week to forgive a person from her past. After she did she felt the burden off her shoulders. God works in great ways and I am glad that these girls are choosing to personally grow receiving nuggets that Jesus has for them! This picture of my girls group and I.

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