Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Big Month

        What a blessing it was to have my cousin Danica with us for two weeks this month. She was able to see the side of Costa Rica that most don't get to see. One day we had a game day with the kids we have been teaching music to. Most of them have been brought from Nicaragua to have a better future here in Costa Rica (this means an education and food every day). There were over forty kids who showed up. Cornelio gave a lesson on unity for Jesus. Then I explained basic hygiene and how it is important because our bodies are temples of God. The rest of the time was spent playing games and passing out dental and school supply. As the kids were sitting in a circle, a stack of cement blocks came down. By God's grace the girl there jumped out of her seat in time so she wasn't smashed. We saw a miracle of God. Out of 40 kids playing in a 20' by 20 foot room,  the 8' tall block did not touch anyone. The whole day was a blessing for us as we saw God take control of every situation! 
                         Danica and Cornelio passing out supply.
        A few days later, we were coming home from San Jose and again our guardian angles were working double time.  As we were going down the highway at 60 miles per hour, the hood of our car flipped up on the windshield. It was dark and raining. We heard cars squeal around us as Corrnelio tried to put on his brakes gently with out spinning out. He guided the car to a stop by fallowing the cement divider between us and the oncoming traffic. Then he flipped the hood down and pulled over. The five of us in the care were all scared, but not hurt. Our windshield didn't even get a scratch! We have proof by the big dents and paint taken off  our hood that God really is always protecting us. We are so grateful that God NEVER takes his eyes off His children. 
Joshua 1:5 "...I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you."