Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Selah!

Isn´t it funny how, in Costa Rica, the English ¨Happy Birthday¨ song is just as well known as the Spanish ¨Feliz CumpleaƱos¨ version? So, we decided to start our Radio advertisement with the English song, ¨Happy Birthday dear Seeeeeeeeeelaaahh, Happy Birthday to yooooou! Selah School is having their 3rd Birthday! Come learn your and your child´s learning style, enjoy cake and refreshments! All for Free! ¨ It was a successful advertisement, we could hear the song play from the porch.

                We planned for this event for weeks! We made goodie bags, stuffed them with candy and a sample of homemade bread, ordered a cake, bought refreshments, reserved the room, and practiced speeches and interpretations! Wow! You can imagine how nervous we were for the actual celebration to come.

                The day finally came for us to put our plans into action. We started setting up chairs, the sound system, projector, and picked up the cake.  People started trickling in, one family at a time. The chairs filled slowly, then at 3:15 it was time to start the presentation.

                The speech was filled with games, visuals, and a test to uncover your learning style. The test was the hidden agenda for this celebration. Yes, we were excited to celebrate a successful 3 years of education. But the hope was to give parents tools to better understand their children (and themselves!) Bonnie was the speaker, and she explained 3 different learning styles: Visual, Kinesthetic, and Auditory. Then she explained what the learning styles would look like at home. The speech was very applicable to everyday life.

Naturally, Selah was advertised as well. The speech encouraged the listeners to learn English because of the growing tourism in Costa Rica, and the opportunity to have higher paying jobs. Bonnie mentioned how Selah uses all 3 learning styles and gives a well rounded education.

After the speech, cake was served, refreshments were given, and some of Selah´s registration forms went out the door. The evening was considered successful.