Friday, December 2, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

We have so much to be thankful for. The hurricane Otto hit Costa Rica hard in the north and over 1,400 people were evacuated from their homes. The shelters are set up in schools and community halls for the people. The Red Cross around the country has been receiving money and clothes to give to the people as they had to leave with short notice and have nothing. Cornelio and I sent some cloths along with much prayer for all the homeless families. We continue to pray as they start from scratch again.

On thanksgiving night I was surprised after I got home from work. The girls in my small group stopped by with hand made cards for me to celebrate thanksgiving and they thanked me for having the weekly gathering with them. I felt so loved and special! We ended up playing games, dancing and eating root beer floats (that Cornelio made us) till 10pm (which is late for the parents to let them go out on a school night here)! What a memorable thanksgiving! 

Cornelio and I just had our 8 year anniversary. We are excited about 2017 and want to work hard to grow our school and to look for more ways to reach out to the communities around us. 
May God bless you and let us rejoice that Jesus is the reason for the season!