Friday, June 28, 2013

Influenced by others

             I have a short reminder was a skit at a missions conference. There was a long line of people all dressed up in a different outfits. This man started at the front of the line  and walked up to each person and shook their hand. Each person said who they were in his life and said "God bless you" He then walked down the whole line shaking each hand then saying thank you....the first people were dressed as his parents, the next person represented his Sunday school teacher, he then walked to the next person who was dressed as his friend, then Pastor, neighbor, small group leader, worship leader, 6 people from his youth group jumping and cheering, camp counselor, teacher, leader of the summer mission trips, random words of encouragement shared by people and speakers he hardly knew and  the list goes on and on. The point is that it takes so many people to develop one person to follow Jesus and to stay walking in His light. Where ever you fall in that place of our life we want to thank you for believing in us, encouraging us and praying for us.  You have given us strength and when we have felt like we could not go on. We love and appreciate each one of you and treasure your prayers.

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