Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy EASTER!!!

We are alive in Him. Happy Easter!

     Every country celebrates in a different way. We live in a community that is mostly Catholic and they have so many traditions and rituals. Many of my friends are Catholic and we talk about growing a personal relationship with him. It is not the things we do or the rituals we perform that draw us close to Jesus. It is how we let him into hour heart to lead and guide us.

     When we are asked how Christians celebrate Easter it is a good opportunity to skip the what we like to eat and the way things might be in the states and focus on the Jesus and it is through his death and resurrection that we are forgiven and free today. He is alive and lives with in each person who excepts him as Lord and Savior. His love, mercy and grace is available to us daily. This is a great spring board for deep conversation as we let God open hearts to hear the good news.

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