Sunday, May 10, 2015

MAY beginnings start!

This is our neighbor Silvia and her baby Sofia who was born early weighing three pounds. After Sofia was in the hospital for 2 weeks, she was sent home now weighing four pounds. It was so nice that Silvia stopped by Bonnie's house to say hi and thank her for making Bread for her family when she and the baby were in the hospital and for the prayers. Silvia asked how old her baby needed to be before Bonnie would teach her to swim as Bonnie offered to give them a mother daughter water baby classes. Bonnie is sought out for teaching new and different things as well as caring about the details in others’ lives. 

One of Cornelio’s students came to class very sad and discouraged. His dad, in a fit of rage, had just let our students entire reptile collection go. Our student felt betrayed and deeply hurt as these were his pets and he spent a lot of time caring for them. Cornelio also having experienced fits of rage from  his father as a child could relate with his student They spent a lot of time together talking about how to honor parents but to not let their actions crush personal dreams and goals. God has created each of us for a purpose and we need to keep true to what God has called us to do using the interests, gifts and talents HE has given us.
Christian is one of our former students who graduated from our school. He was very shy and lacked confidence and focus when he came to us  When he completed our courses he was fluent in English and had goals and confidence. . His dad and he sold snow cones and mangoes to get  through the public school system. Uniforms are require for all.  This family is an example of the people we work with. They are humble and many are eager to learn new ways to  provide for their families through education. Christian is  a sophomore at the university studying business which he finds his English to be very helpful. We are involved in our students lives and we were at his high school graduation, The verse we gave him was: Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

     Cailene asked several girls to come to her house to teach them some crafts and so some baking. Few have ovens so they enjoy baking with her. Cailene’s house is a safe place to come with ideas and questions. These girls have a trust and respect for Cailene and many kids stop by just to talk. Now that Cailene is a mom and had her baby at the public hospital in San Jose, many pregnant girls have sought Cailene out for counsel as they are scared and need information and encouragement. There were 8 other to be mothers in the same labor room with Cailene so the giving birth in a big hospital is much different than in the states. God is using Cailene’s experiences to share the love of Jesus and teach of the hope and peace they can have through a personal relationship with Jesus.

      Love opens hearts. When people realize God is approachable, cares and is truly interested in all the details of ones life, then and only then can one boldly run to Him

God bless you for standing with us in prayer!!! 
 With grateful hearts we say "Thank You"
to those who prayerfully help and support us.
 Lives are being changed for eternity!
Blessings from Cornelio, Cailene and Bonnie!

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