Saturday, August 29, 2015


Baby MEKHI  is 10 months old.  Watching him go from milk to solid foods and now from rolling over to crawling everywhere has been fun.  We all know once he starts walking there is no turning back. His curiosity and wonderment of the world around him reminds us of that youthful zeal to learn and be more aware of everything in our surroundings. We marvel at how he has changed our lives forever.

When you ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life, your life is forever changed. There is a fresh inner peace and joy.  Choosing to live a life of love and forgiveness brings hope and happiness. There is no turning back. Jesus changes lives forever.  We are available to all ages to help continue their education, assist parents in parenting their kids, tutor as needed and encourage the setting of personal goals.  We enjoy providing a safe environment to promote friendships and a place that everyone feels welcome. We feel blessed to get to share the love of Jesus here in Costa Rica.

When we were in the States we were able to buy several things for the school that we can not get in Costa Rica.  We are so grateful for the love and support and generous donations. The students will certainly appreciate these too as one of our ministry goals is to make learning fun!

There is a soccer team that Cornelio started for the young men who were not allowed to play on the town team because they spent lots of time in the bars and smoking pot.  These “less” sought after young men are so excited to be asked to be part of  a real team, to have uniforms and to play against  rotating teams from other towns. Cornelio expects good sportsmanship, coming on time to practices, and learning not to be a ball hog but a team player. Everyone gets to play and everyone has a chance to improve their game. We bought 3 soccer balls, goalie gloves, and some practice cones to take back with us. All of these items are much cheaper in the States and are essential to effective team practices.


Remember Cailene’s “BECAUSE” challenge?

Add the word  “BECAUSE” to your sentences and risk being more intentional and relational in your everyday life.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from that challenge.  “You are an amazing friend  BECAUSE you encourage me, hold me accountable and you are a good listener.” Do the same with GOD. “ I love you God BECAUSE you see my heart and overlook my shortcomings. You give me each day to start fresh. I am so grateful for Your grace.”


The Because challenge can be a new way of life. Press into the heart of thankfulness Because it opens the heart of heaven.
Please know that we are a faith mission, meaning that we live and impart this ministry based on what God provides. If you feel led to give financially to support this work, thank you! Please know that 100% of your donation will go to CGC Costa Rica. 




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