Sunday, February 8, 2015

Samantha Came

Winter break (our summer brake) is over and school is back in session at the new location.  We have lots of eager students and we are all adjusting to the new routine of classes. Cornelio and I are each teaching one day a week at the university and taking turns watching baby Mekhi. Being a parent is a new level of love and joy. We praise God for each day we have with our baby boy!

Mom is back in Costa Rica helping with a few classes and reconnecting with the neighbor kids. She and  Meridith are making jello for an upcoming birthday party.

 This is Samantha Courtney. She is from Stehekin, WA and a friend since childhood.  I lived with her family my 8th grade year and we have been sisters ever since.  She is staying with Cornelio and I for the next 3 months volunteering at the school helping get all the administration information on the computer and helping us set up new technology for our school.  She is also a very talented masseuse and artist. She is a bubble of energy to be around and we are so please to have her with us for a few months!

Samantha is updating all our information and we have a new email address so we can stay connected with friends and family better.  Our e-mail is and our Facebook page is Selah School.  

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