Sunday, July 30, 2017

Birthday for Gram

July is winter break in Costa Rica

Cornelio, Cailene & Mekhi  went to the United States to surprise Cailene's grandma for her 91st birthday. Family from all over the United States came and celebrated both Gram's birthday and Fourth of July together. Lots  of laughter and sharing of memories with a PowerPoint showing pictures of everybody with Grandma throughout her lifetime.

Mekhi  was hearing English every day and has doubled his English vocabulary during the stay in the United States.  He enjoyed  playing with his cousins and reacquainting himself with his family in the United States. This is Mekhi on a friends tricycle enjoying the outdoors.
Cornelio  borrowed a friends bicycle  for a week and went on 40 mile bike rides many different directions many different days so he really got to see a lot of countryside . 

  A few months before winter break in Costa Rica ,Veronica, who is in our 9-year-old English class,  said she couldn't come to class any more. It's a small town so we had already heard that her dad had left the family and had been excessively drinking. Cailene told Veronica's mom that Veronica was at the top of her class  and this was a very fragile and important time in Veronica's life .  English classes were giving Veronica an activity that was hers and a place that she could feel safe and be encouraged when the rest of her world seemed like it was falling apart. The mom agreed to  keep bringing her and encouraging her keep up with the homework.
 Last month Veronica lingered after class and told teacher Cailene she was having bad dreams and was afraid at night.  Cailene told her to start singing happy songs before she went to bed and to ask Jesus to help her not have bad dreams. The following week Veronica told Cailene that it helped her to sing and to talk to Jesus.  No matter who you are or where you are there are always opportunities to encourage others and talk about Jesus .

 While in the states Cailene took  Bonnie to a doctors appointment . In the waiting room at the clinic there was a young mother with four children. The mom was in a lot of pain and kept holding her ear meanwhile her children were restless and having trouble staying in their seats . Cailene got down on the floor  and asked the mother in Spanish if her kids could play a game. Cailene used her Spanish to play one of the game she plays with her kids in her classroom in Costa Rica .   Praising God for moments to reach out to others.
 It has been a wonderful break and we are looking forward to starting classes and seeing students again.
  Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.
Cornelio, Cailene and Mekhi

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