Sunday, August 13, 2017

August mothers day!

 On August 15th Costa Rica celebrates mothers day. We had our students of all ages a make different kinds of cards and crafts for their mom’s and encouraged them to tell their mom, in English, what they truly meant to them.

In our advanced class we passed out a piece of paper with a dot in the middle of it.  We asked each student to write about what they saw and create a story.

 Each student struggled to come up with something to write about but most everyone wrote about the little dot described as color the size the location on the paper.

 After reading each of the papers out loud Cornelio said that this that is often how we look at life we focus on the small little thing that's taking up a little space. 

Now the challenge is to look at the big piece of paper that is mostly white and now I want you to write about all the good things that are taking up and available to you in life and not focus on the one little dark circle in the middle of the page.  The students eagerly began to write about the many things that they had in their lives to be thankful for and to be focusing on.

 In our school, we want to make things meaningful positive and purposeful.

 It's not about what we do for our students but what we teach them to do for themselves. 

Our students come to us as they are and we help to motivate them to leave as who they want to be! 

May God bless your week and Happy Mother's Day from Costa Rica!
Cornelio, Cailene and Mekhi

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