Sunday, November 5, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! 2017

November is a month to reflect on the many blessings that God has given us.   Thankfulness is the condition of the heart not of the circumstances around.

The heavy rains caused extensive landslides, power outages and water shortage in our community.  Fortunately, our area was able to be reached by water trucks where we gathered water in jugs and carried them to our homes. Thankfully we only had to do that for four days but there are towns within 5 miles of us still needing to haul water. Tap water is still not recommended to drink so we are filtering our water and keeping jugs full for our drinking water.

We are grateful Bonnie is back to help with things around the house, at school, and getting ready for Cailene's maternity leave. Cornelio and Cailene are expecting their second baby boy around Thanksgiving day. His name will be Ittai which means,  “The Lord is with me!”
 God continues to open up opportunities for the school and it's growth.   Cornelio applied and received a scholarship to attend a small business conference in the states.  This conference covers everything from administrative work, advertising and promoting your small business and all things that entrepreneurs need to know to run a successful business. It is such a blessing to be able to have him attend this conference.

Mekhi  turned three the end of October.  He continues to be such a delight to everyone he's around.  He easily switches from English to Spanish depending on who he's talking to. 

 We are trying to give Mekhi the opportunity to be around older people so he can bring his youthful joy to their home. 

This is Costa Ricans version of a popsicle.  Generally whatever fruit that is in season is blended and put into a baggie then frozen. You simply bite through the plastic and start sucking on the juice or nibbling away at the ice. Mekhi is having a lemonade “apretado”. 

This cute little guy we found in our shower this week. Life is never dull around here.

 Thank you for giving to the school and encouraging us in our outreach efforts.  Many lives have been touched by your generous gifts of time, energy and finances.

Cornelio, Cailene, Mekhi
And Bonnie

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