Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October 2017 (Gratitude)

Cornelio and I are taking a graphics design computer class offered free to the community.  It is an intense computer class that will meet once a week for 10 weeks, three hours each lesson. This new skill will help with advertising, starting the school Facebook page in Spanish and presenting the school in a more interesting and fun way. God continues to give us favor and the timing for this class is perfect because. The fact that it's free and coming to our small town is a huge blessing.

This month we are reinforcing the quote that says: “Education empowers a person to become part of the solution versus part of the problem”. 

We are in Costa Rica because we: 
·         Thrive on encouraging others 
·         Enjoy motivating students 
·         Expand parent’s awareness for helping their children 
·         Are enthusiastic about the programs we've developed 
·         Intentionally get to know our students
·         Expose our students to possibilities in higher education and connect them to scholarships

This makes 11 rats!!!!! There has been a lot of noise and scampering across the ceiling rafters in our house.  Traps were set and we are happy to announce that there are 11 less rats then there were two weeks ago and no more scampering!!

This is Mekhi’s first chicken he is helping butcher. We have fresh eggs that he helps bring in everyday and now he is learning from his dad how to butcher the chickens for dinner.

                                                             Mekhi is admiring a butterfly that landed on his hat. 
We are  learning to appreciate the little things in life and have noticed how our gratitude grows and life becomes even more fulfilling. 

Cornelio went to the mechanic to have the tire on our car fixed and on his way home he felt like the car was reacting in a strange way. He noticed the man in the car behind him waving him to stop. At the moment Cornelio stopped the car the entire wheel came right off. The man who stopped him helped Cornelio put the tire back on. Glory to God nothing worse happened and we are so grateful for the protection and grace God continues to bestow upon us! Everyday truly is a blessing and this was a reminder that GOD is in control and he takes such good care of us.


Thank you for supporting our school. 
Thank you for taking the time to pray for us. 
Thank you for coming alongside us. 

Have an outstanding October,
Cornelio, Cailene and Mekhi

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