Saturday, September 16, 2017

September Independence Day

Costa Rica has Mother's Day and Father's Day just like we do but they also have Children's Day. Lots of small group and family parties are held in homes. We celebrated this day at our school too with the younger students. They all came in costumes and shared in English about who they were.

  We played different games in the park and had some special activities in the class as well. We encouraged good sportsmanship and teamwork as the students participated in the games. Each student left with a cupcake in hand and a smile on their face.  

Cornelio has a friend who has a saw mill and he gave Cornelio some scrap wood for free. This week he took the wood to make his mother a chicken coop.  It's rainy season and her poor chickens are getting soaked. Cornelio enjoys building and is always happy use the talents God has given him.
September 15 is Costa Rica Independence Day!  Many businesses as well as the schools are closed for this day. There are parades, homemade lanterns, family gatherings as well as community activities.


Our church held a couples date night this week at a Jazz Café. We listened to live music, and enjoyed an encouraging presentation from the pastor just for couples. We were motivated to be purposeful in our pursuit towards each other. As Cornelio and I talked about this idea more we came to the conclusion that our preparation today enables our success tomorrow. The first example Cornelio brought up was, if I want to be a successful parent I need to work hard now in my investment and preparation in my children’s life (less time on the phone and more interaction and involvement in each child).  This concept applies to every area in a person’s life. If we want a closer relationship with Jesus our dedicated preparation in that process is what’s going to get us there. This idea has got me reevaluating my life and seeing how I can have a purposeful mindset in EVERYTHING. We took this as a personal challenge to reexamine our how we are preparing ourselves in the different areas of our lives to enhance our future and that of others.  

Ezekiel 38:7
“Be prepared, and prepare yourself, you and all your companies that are assembled about you, and be a guard for them.”

We are here in Costa Rica because we enjoy: 
 Developing trust and friendships
 Promoting further education for all ages 
 Providing affordable classes 
 Helping our students network in the community
 Encouraging others to think outside the box
 Making learning fun with games and songs 
 Providing tutoring and encouragement 

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support in our lives and with our school!
God Bless,
Cornelio, Cailene and Mekhi

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